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Reservation Inquiries

Important Information 

  • Reservations of 6 lanes or less must be booked through our Bowling Reservations Portal.
  • The seating and tables behind the lanes will NOT be available for lane reservations.
  • Takeout and catering orders are not considered a dine-in service.
  • Dine-in services must be done separately from lane reservations where they must occur before or after bowling during the hours of the Alley Restaurant.
  • Lane reservations are more than welcome to order takeout and consume in the lane area.
  • To book with a gift card, please call the Reservations Department at 808-488-6854.

Each lane is able to accommodate up to 7 people (bowlers and non-bowlers). Due to the limited seating within each lane area you will be required to rent additional lanes should your headcount exceeds 7 people (bowlers and non-bowlers). Each lane area guarantees up to 5 seats.

Aiea Bowl recommends 5-6 bowlers per lane as on average a game may finish in about one hour.

Aiea Bowl